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The Art of Helping

As an artistic community, one of our goals is to teach that art is everywhere, and the art of helping is no exception.

JWO Studio is committed to helping our communities through art.  We especially want to teach children the importance of contributing and collaborating in their communities, and through the philosophy of "the art of everything" we make it fun and memorable! 

We wanted to share our kick-off fundraising project: “Kids Art Wrapping Paper”.

The goal of the project is to show kids at an early age that they can contribute to their community in many creative ways. With the use of their imagination and through art, they can help each other.


As part of the activities at JWO Studio, such as birthday parties, parents' night out, art lessons, and more, we invite participating kids (and parents too!) to draw on the studio walls! Don't worry! That's where the wrapping paper comes into play.

Kids will be creating a unique, fun, and very special wrapping paper with their art that will be available for purchase and wrap any gift! All proceeds will go to a non profit foundation.
This is only the first of our fundraising projects, so please follow closely the JWO Studio Facebook page and website for updates if you want to contribute in any way. Ideas are also welcome!

Blue Orange Playful Illustration Charity Program Poster (1).png

For 2023, we will be combining efforts for our cause.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us: at  our through our social media accounts:


Stay tuned for more information and wrapping paper availability!

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